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Shallow Thoughts

The Sporadic Spewings of InigoMontoya

30 April 1955
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I'm very old. I'm often cranky. In my persona of InigoMontoya, I was one of the team that put together and maintained MarsInvestigations.net. I became the transcriber of Veronica Mars because no one else seemed to have the time to do them. The transcripts used to live here, but now they are at VMTranscripts.com. I loved that show from its debut to its final episode and still think it was one of the best things on telly ever.

Since the end of VM, I've struggled to find a show that I love as well. NBC's Life came close as does The Good Wife. But the best thing I've seen since VM is a Danish show, Forbrydelsen, now being cannibalised for AMC's The Killing. I am a sporadic poster on my own journal, usually because clever folk say what I would first and I'm not one for adding to the noise for the sake of it. Being in the UK, I'm usually the last to see stuff anyway (and it's getting increasingly hard to do so). I live in fear that I will be condemned to nothing but British TV. We have some good stuff, but not that often.

This space is intentionally blank in case I ever get a more interesting life.