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Princess Bride - Inigo

Shallow Thoughts

The Sporadic Spewings of InigoMontoya

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Veronica Mars: 2.22 Not Pictured
Princess Bride - Inigo
Moved to www.vmtranscripts.com.

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1st image is missing / wrong link

Thanks for letting me know. Is it okay now?

(I dropped tags in my first try, so I'm trying again)

I don't know if the pages just aren't loading correctly for me, but there's text missing on both sections. In the post-graduation scene what is visible to me is:

She opens the envelope and pulls out airline tickets. She reads them.

KEITH: We leave Tuesday.
VERONICA: [with increasing excitement] Broadway, Soho, the MOMA?
The above text is to the left of the picture of her saying, "A pony?" and is all good.

Below it, on the left, is a picture of her hugging Keith. To the very right of that is the text:

Keith shakes his head, running down his favoured itinerary.

That text is right above the picture of him running down his itinerary, which is fairly side by side with the photo of her hugging Keith (the itinerary pic is just a couple of cm lower).

Then, the next text I get, on the right side, under the photo of V hugging Keith is an errant period [.] right next to the itinerary photo, and then simply this:
into his arms to hug him.

VERONICA: Oh, thank you so much. This is awesome.
In other words, there's missing text (what Keith actually says is the itinerary) and truncated sentences.

This sort of truncating happens at quite a few points throughout the transcript, (always?) near the photos, and I think mostly where you have two photos pretty much side by side. It could be me/my P.C./my browser, and if so, never mind. I'm wondering if it's loading incorrectly for you, or anyone else, though?

I'm crossing my fingers that I coded this correctly, this time. Sorry for the error, before.

It looks okay on mine, both on AOL and on Firefox. Oh dear, I don't want to do something that screws other people up. I've taken one of the clutch of pictures out of the area you described. Is that better for you? And if it's not too much of a pain, could you let me know where else there are problems and I'll see if being a little more judicious with pictures cures the problem.

It looks better. Now I'm getting this:
Keith shakes his head, running down his favoured itinerary.

KEITH: Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Madison Square Gardens.

Veronica jumps into his arms to hug him.

VERONICA: Oh, thank you so much. This is awesome.

She lets him go. She slaps him on the arm.

VERONICA: Awesome. Now, go catch Woody. I get creeped out just knowing he's out there somewhere.
KEITH: All right. You have fun tonight.
VERONICA: That's the plan.

It looks good. For what's it is worth, I do have a broadband connection, and am on IE6 (and I *LOVE* the pictures).

I can't go through the whole transcript tonight, but I'll start, tomorrow, to see what else I can find.

If you like, I can email you the hard copy without the coding or pictures. That will make it much easier for you to spot any problem areas if you have the time, but otherwise, at least gives you a clean copy. If you want me to email you, drop a line to MI.net and wyk will pass it on to me.

Hi, Inigo. I e-mailed you back all the missing text for the first page. I'm just wondering if you received it, and if you want me to continue on in the same fashion for the second page, or not.

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